Roads access and traffic calming measures

During the Masterplan consultation, a number of access strategies were consulted upon and feedback received from the local community has helped to shape the final access strategy for the site.


The primary road access will be provided via Titan Way, with Paradise Lane remaining closed to cars. Paradise Lane will operate as a bus-only access route, controlled via a bus gate. The employment area will have its own access points from Titan Way, as well as access points through the existing industrial area. Finally, Longmeanygate will be transformed by a new traffic calming scheme including a stretch of “quiet lane”.


The site is well serviced by existing bus routes, which could be extended or amended as a result of the development. We are keen to hear resident’s views on improvements to public transport.


The planning application will be accompanied by a comprehensive Transport Assessment which will assess the likely impact the proposals will have on the local and strategic road network. Barratt Homes will work closely alongside officers at South Ribble and Lancashire County Council to determine if any further highways improvements are required, in addition to the above.