Meeting housing needs

There is a shortage of new homes across the country which prevents an increasing number of hopeful homeowners from finding a home that meets their needs. For these people, it often means that they must live in inappropriate accommodation or move elsewhere to settle down.

Our planning application proposes to deliver up to 950 new homes, in a range of sizes designed to meet the variety of local need, creating a diverse and vibrant community.

The application will be brought forward in phases. It will be a hybrid application with the entire site falling under an outline application, which provides the principle for development. The hybrid application will include a detailed application for Phase 1A for the infrastructure and Phase 1B for new homes.


Our proposals will mean that young families and Leyland’s future generations can look forward to building their lives in the Town, whilst key workers and older people seeking a smaller property for retirement will also be able to find a suitable home to match their requirements.