Green Spaces

We understand the semi-rural nature of Leyland and the pleasure derived from the green aspects of the area. This is reflected in our application, which includes a network of green spaces running throughout the site.

Green Spaces

We want to create a pleasant and desirable environment for new and existing residents by setting aside land for woodlands, ponds, footpaths and cycle trails. Village squares and tree lined streets will be introduced to create a leafy suburban feel. These elements will weave throughout the site and ensure that Doll Lane is an area in which it is a pleasure to live, work and play. The former Doll Lane will be reinstated as a new footpath, cycleway and bridleway, creating a key route through the neighbourhood.


The site is located within Flood Zone 1, meaning that it is at the lowest probability of flooding, defined by the Environment Agency and all land uses are acceptable. A Sustainable Urban Drainage system will be provided which will consist of a network of new and expanded ponds, connecting ditches and water meadows. These will hold and safely disperse all surface water, which will provide habitats for species and ensure the site, Paradise Park and surroundings are not at risk of flooding. Flows from the fully developed site will not exceed current flows; as a result no one downstream will be adversely affected.


A combination of conservation and enhancement of existing habitat and creation of new woodland, meadows and wetlands will provide a network of green spaces through the site.  No protected species have been recorded but the conservation and creation of biodiversity features and the commitment to long-term habitat management will be of benefit to fauna and biodiversity such as common toad, nesting birds and butterflies.  A detailed ecological impact assessment will be submitted as part of the planning application, which will assess all environmental influences upon the surrounding area and consider the following: transport, ground condition, archaeology, drainage, noise, air quality, ecology, landscape and climate change.

Paradise Park

Paradise Park remains under the ownership of South Ribble Council and this will not change as a result of any planning application. No building development is proposed for Paradise Park. We are keen to hear residents views on potential enhancements to Paradise Park.